Birdscape Park

Birdscape Park

  • Client Wolfdene / UDIA Consolidated Pty Ltd
  • Location Brompton Estate, Cranbourne South, Victoria
  • Completed 2021
  • Services Landscape Planning
    Landscape Design & Documentation
    Contract Administration


Located adjacent a waterway and featuring a large remnant River Red Gum, the site for this small local park presented an opportunity to provide habitat for local birdlife.

­­­Two thirds of the site is dedicated to planting, comprised predominantly of native and indigenous bird attracting species. Informal gravel paths meander throughout the garden beds, where visitors will find a variety of seating options including sun loungers and a hammock swing. Offering quiet garden nooks to meet, sit and relax, this local park functions as a passive open space for the community in contrast to the highly active parks in the immediate area.

Rather than a central play space, a small number of play elements are dispersed throughout the gardens. These include a carousel spinner, floral themed bell chimes, log steppers and a bird hide lookout which is the focal point of the park.

The design of the bird hide lookout takes cues from bird nests, featuring hundreds of weathered steel rods forming a sphere that is supported by a single timber trunk structure.  A 2.6m high viewing deck accessed via a spiral staircase leads to the tube slide and offers filtered 360° views across the park and adjacent waterway.

Further sculptural elements have been included in the park creating a distinctive and bespoke environment. An undulating blade screen weaves along the gravel paths and through the garden beds, defining key spaces and providing structure and contrast to the informal planting. Crimson red bird nesting boxes perched on carved recycled pier pylons are dotted in clusters throughout the garden beds. The size and shape of the nesting boxes were selected to suit the native birds commonly found in Cranbourne.

An open lawn area with gentle mounding, punctuated by an existing Golden Elm tree provides a shady picnic spot for the community.

Future interpretive signage will be incorporated into the park to educate residents on bird attracting indigenous species that could be planted in their own backyard.


Design Partnership (Bird hide lookout) Fleetwood Urban

Renders (Images 01 – 02) 4D Studio

Photography (Images 03 – 07) Dianna Snape

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