Highlands DP5

Highlands DP5

  • Client Stockland
  • Location Craigieburn, Victoria
  • Completed 2009
  • Services Landscape & Urban Planning
    Landscape Design & Documentation
    Contract Administration


Highlands DP5 sits on the plains between Mt Ridley and Mt Aitken.

The Stage 61 park design provides tree-lined avenues, which divide the park diagonally along pedestrian desire lines, establishing a series of spaces including large and small kick-about areas, a playground and a lawn dotted informally with Eucalypts.

The focus of the park is the shelter and playground located close to the remnant Eucalypt stands. A custom-designed shelter provides shade and seating overlooking the playground and kick-about areas. The unified colour palette of the shelter and play equipment further integrates the focal features of the reserve.

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