Active Park

Active Park

  • Client Wolfdene / UDIA Consolidated Pty Ltd
  • Location Brompton Estate, Cranbourne South, Victoria
  • Completed 2021
  • Services Landscape Planning
    Landscape Design & Documentation
    Contract Administration


The Brompton Active Park has been masterplanned to offer an engaging and in-depth experience to an older demographic through movement. The Active Park is part of a wider network in which ample junior play opportunities are offered. This informed the demographic targeted and integrated the concept of movement and exercise, filling the vacant niche in the communities’ open space. The reserve includes;

  • – a pump track,
  • – bouldering structures / rock climbing,
  • – exercise equipment,
  • – basketball / netball half court,
  • – running markers,
  • – kickaround open space area,
  • – picnic shelter and outdoor seating,
  • – water facilities, and
  • – significant tree planting.

The combination of above elements has seen the Active Park become a staple of the community, with frequent use by a mixed-older demographic. This reflects the successful execution of the masterplan and original concept.

The key questions that GbLA had at the front of mind when developing the Active Park concept were:

  1. What can we offer to keep kids entertained who have outgrown traditional playgrounds and playground equipment?
  2. How can we encourage an older demographic to remain active?

In response to keeping older kids excited about parks, GbLA reflected on what activities this demographic chose to do while keeping active.

A key activity GbLA recognised more so in recent years, was teens picking up anything with wheels – Bikes, Scooters, Rollerblades and Skateboards! We investigated the landscape options that offered something to all skill levels and the range of wheeled activities that exist. Looking high and low, GbLA considered a pump track, which met the requirements of being challenging and inclusive but didn’t have the occasional intimidating stigma associated with traditional skate parks.

Reflecting on recently constructed examples of pump tracks, two interesting quirks were identified:

  • – Concrete and asphalt pump tracks offered a wide range of wheeled opportunities, but were rarely big enough to offer an exciting experience for users.
  • – Formed dirt pump tracks are a lot larger providing exciting experiences, but only really allowed a small portion of the wheeled community access.

We developed the idea, that if we could design a large concrete pump track, we could get the best of both worlds bringing an exciting experience to the widest range of users. This encouraged us to pursue the idea of constructing a smooth, rolling, contouring concrete pump track , which was to be 158 linear metres in length and possibly the largest track of its kind in Australia.

Further, GbLA pondered on how to keep adults returning to parks to stay active. We listed elements and events that kept us and those around us active. Some of the key elements we looked to pursue from this was:

Group Activities: This led us to incorporate an outdoor exercise circuit that could lend itself to group personnel training sessions. Two key considerations of the circuit were; the inclusion of multiple body weight exercises allowing a wide portion of the community to participate, as well as the inclusion of meaningful cardio options, which is often overlooked in an outdoor exercise setting.

Unique Opportunities: Rock climbing and bouldering has become increasingly more popular in Melbourne, Australia and around the world, being included in the 2020 Toyko Olympics. With this in mind, GbLA introduced an area with two bouldering structures offering different routes highlighted by the colour of moulded hand holds.

Sporting Amenity; Basketball courts have been a staple of parks and reserves, and for a good reason, people love them and use them! GbLA incorporated a half basketball court area ensuring the inclusion of a netball ring, sound dampening backboard, shade structure and seating storage node, drinking fountain and colourful ground surface pattern. The aim of which was to provide great amenities for those attending the park.

The outcome of weaving the key elements mentioned above into the Brompton Estate Active Park, is a unique landscape outcome that is beloved by the wider community. This has been heightened by the Covid distance restrictions, seeing further increased usage by the local catchment trying their hand at completing the pump track and aligning with the initial design intention of enticing a broad demographic into keeping active.


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