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    Shearwater Village Park, Harpley

    The Shearwater Village Park at Harpley is a valuable green space for Harpley residents nestled between two connected waterway corridors and also strategically positioned at the threshold of one of the key entry areas to the Harpley Town Centre.

    The park provides a range of different play opportunities for younger and older age groups with a combination of bespoke elements such as a kids cubby area, circular timber steppers and totems developed in collaboration with local Victorian Artists Mark Trinham and Glenn Romanis along with more traditional play elements.  Also Incorporated with the playspace are shade and bbq facilities that are well linked to an active recreation area with a basketball court and well-appointed exercise zone.

    A thoughtful planting design has created areas of visual interest, physical containment and habitat opportunities for local wild life set amongst the rolling mounds of the parkland.

  • Discovery trail interpretive signage

    Harpley Discovery Trail

    The Harpley Discovery Trail for Lendlease, brings into play; landscape, timber, stone and technology to achieve an interactive and memorable experience for visitors. The cultural discovery trail project was a collaborative effort between GbLA, sculpture artists and interpretive heritage consultants.

    The sculpture and signage elements invite people to learn about the rich cultural heritage and environmental significance of the Harpley landscape. An informative App has also been developed to enhance the navigation of the site. For more information about the app visit Harpley Discovery Trail.

  • Village Park playground, kids playing with water play feature

    Carinya Village Park, Harpley

    Carinya Village Park at Harpley is a one hectare recreation reserve linking several shared pedestrian and cycling paths to the nearby creek corridor, local school and other open spaces within the precinct. A central green spine has been created through the park by framing the shared path with an avenue of large feature trees.

    A junior and senior playground with a focus on nature play and water is located at the heart of the park. The playground features a forest grove, water play area, creek bed, sand pit, adventure play equipment and the integration of rocks and logs to provide informal play opportunities.

    Plant species throughout the playground have been carefully selected to provide a variety of foliage colour and texture, seasonal fruits and flowers, fragrance and robustness to withstand play activities. The shelter and BBQ area feature large format picnic settings to encourage social gatherings. A basketball key and skate elements provide interest and play opportunities for older children, while the large open kick about space provides plenty of space for informal ball games.

  • Mirambeena Park, Warralily

    Mirambeena Park is a neighbourhood park designed to integrate with the adjoining creekline vegetation and open
    spaces and provides play opportunities for children of a range of ages and abilities.

    Warralily features a special needs school, so the play activities across the park were designed to be used by children
    regardless of their abilities.

    Key play features include; a large climbing structure made from recycled timber, water play, sound play and sand play
    areas, a half court and skate park as well as a traffic school bike track. Integrated with the playground is a BBQ and
    picnic shelter, bocce court and toilet facilities.

    Shade trees and garden beds are provided throughout the playground tying the various play zones together and
    expanding the natural landscape of the creek through the playground.

  • NewQuay – Buildings D + E

    Buildings D + E at NewQuay, Docklands is a residential project comprising two apartment towers on top of a
    podium featuring car parking and commercial tenancies addressing the streetscape.

    GbLA have completed landscape documentation for the streetscape landscapes and a large podium landscape
    providing communal open space for the residents of the two apartment blocks.

    The landscape design is integrated with the façade treatment of the buildings illustrated by the strongly graphic
    ‘stripes’ through the podium landscape. The podium landscape features a large shelter with a barbecue area
    underneath, an open air barbeque area that take advantage of views across Victoria Harbour as well as extensive
    lawn areas and garden beds. Private terraces address the communal open space with planting to boundaries
    providing shade and privacy. Trees planted across the roof terrace mitigate winds and divide the terrace into smaller

    The streetscape design confirms to the Melbourne City Council design guidelines while providing address points for
    each building – a landscape walkway through Building D and a small plaza for Building E.

  • Robert Bosch Australia

    The new Bosch Headquarters at Clayton is a commercial project comprising of a new office building with a large green-roof and landscaping to the surrounds.

    GbLA have completed landscape documentation for the large podium landscape providing communal open space for the employees and a space to hold events and functions. The landscape design provides aesthetic value to not only those directly using the area but also from the offices above that overlook the podium.

    The podium landscape features a large green roof of mass planted drought tolerant species which will provide plenty of colour and texture and will soften the surrounding hardscaping. A deck sits centrally in the planting, providing an intimate and calming place to relax and look over the planting to the views across the Dandenong ranges.

  • Tom’s Park, Rosenthal Estate

    The multi-purpose open space at Tom’s Park features a terraced playground and picnic area with a steel shelter.

    Using the site’s natural topography, the landscape design aimed to create visual interest and functional separation between activities: older and younger kids play areas, picnic and seating location and the large kick about area.

    The equipment selection provides a range of play opportunities for children of all ages. The highest section of the site features a lookout tower which captures amazing views, including city views and is the launching point of a giant, thrilling slide.

    The natural planting throughout the site with native and deciduous trees, native grasses and feature shrubs will provide greening and feature colour throughout the year. The rock placement acts as natural play, informal seating and steps to link the different areas of the park.

  • Mernda Villages

    Mernda Village

    Mernda Villages Estate is an 180-hectare masterplanned community. The site features 300 remnant River Red Gums that are incorporated and celebrated in open-space corridors and waterways throughout the estate. All 1800 homes have close access to a variety of open spaces that connect to the town centre.

    The project contains a wide variety of landscape character types including a farm drive lined with oak trees, water sensitive raingardens to reticulate road runoff, a 1.5-hectare shallow marshland, a restored creek line, an adventure playground and a Red Gum conservation parkland. In addition, some 12 local parks were created on topographical high points around the site.

  • Highlands

    Highlands DP5

    Highlands DP5 sits on the plains between Mt Ridley and Mt Aitken.

    The Stage 61 park design provides tree-lined avenues, which divide the park diagonally along pedestrian desire lines, establishing a series of spaces including large and small kick-about areas, a playground and a lawn dotted informally with Eucalypts.

    The focus of the park is the shelter and playground located close to the remnant Eucalypt stands. A custom-designed shelter provides shade and seating overlooking the playground and kick-about areas. The unified colour palette of the shelter and play equipment further integrates the focal features of the reserve.

  • Highlands

    Highlands DP18

    Highlands DP18 rests on the slopes of Mt Ridley, providing the opportunity for benching and terracing to create a range of interesting landscape spaces with a variety of functions.

    The reserves of DP18 are a series of linear open spaces that meet at a large reserve. Stone walls reduce the cross grades along these reserves and allow residences above and below to properly address the parkland. Garden beds provide year-round floral and foliage colour creating a seasonally diverse landscape.

    The multi-purpose open space features a terraced playground and picnic area with custom shelters, again using the slopes of the landscape to create visual interest and functional separation between activities.

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