Tom’s Park, Rosenthal Estate

Tom’s Park, Rosenthal Estate

  • Client Millett Family
  • Location Sunbury, Victoria
  • Completed 2016
  • Services Landscape Design & Documentation
    Contract Administration


The multi-purpose open space at Tom’s Park features a terraced playground and picnic area with a steel shelter.

Using the site’s natural topography, the landscape design aimed to create visual interest and functional separation between activities: older and younger kids play areas, picnic and seating location and the large kick about area.

The equipment selection provides a range of play opportunities for children of all ages. The highest section of the site features a lookout tower which captures amazing views, including city views and is the launching point of a giant, thrilling slide.

The natural planting throughout the site with native and deciduous trees, native grasses and feature shrubs will provide greening and feature colour throughout the year. The rock placement acts as natural play, informal seating and steps to link the different areas of the park.


Photography Andrew Lloyd

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