GbLA is an established and innovative landscape architectural and urban design practice that delivers unique, responsive and sustainable design and planning solutions for both the public and private realms.

Each of our projects is conceived with an appreciation that is a clear reflection of our ideals and perceptions of the specific qualities offered by the site. Our designs are responsive to existing environmental, cultural and historical contexts.

Three core design streams comprise GbLA’s design focus:

  1. Urban planning - integrated whole-of-site planning of large-scale developments such as residential precincts and estates, educational institutions and public places.
  2. Landscape design - planning, design, documentation and contract administration for public open spaces, play spaces, commercial developments and educational institutions.
  3. Wetlands, waterways and water sensitive urban design - planning and design of constructed wetlands, restoration of existing waterways and wildlife habitats, and embedding of water sensitive urban design principles into our projects.

Our Process

  • Planning

    We use a site-based approach to urban and landscape planning, enhancing the natural and cultural assets of a site and resolving site constraints to provide robust and adaptable planning solutions. We have particular experience in providing urban plans for greenfield developments.

  • Design

    We design robust spaces that enhance the innate qualities of a site to provide spaces adaptable to a wide range of uses for evolving communities.

  • Documentation

    We provide detailed documentation coordinated with the consultant team to enable authority approvals, certification and tendering of works. We prefer to document the bulk of our works in order to maintain the quality of design.

  • Contract Administration

    GbLA provide full contract administration services for the majority of our projects. This includes issuing, coordinating and assessing tenders, undertaking regular site meetings, assessing and processing monthly claims and variations and awarding certificates of practical and final completion. Post-construction, GbLA undertakes regular maintenance inspections to ensure high quality, well-maintained spaces are delivered post-establishment and maintenance.

  • Budget Management

    We provide an Opinion of Probable Costs (OPC) at the completion of each project phase. Our OPC’s are based on recent construction costs from projects of similar scale administered by GbLA. Our OPC’s allow a project budget to be monitored as the design and documentation evolves and provides the opportunity for either scope or budget to be adjusted.


  • Innovation

    Each Project and site offers a unique combination of dynamic conditions and relationships of the physical, social and economic realms that have an intrinsic time and space relationship.

    Our appreciation and perception of such conditions and relationships influences our design process and enables us to deliver specific design solutions that respond uniquely to our client’s briefs and to the inherent qualities of the sites in which we work to create thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable landscapes.

    Our open studio culture of decentralised and collaborative design facilitates creative design generation and development.

    We have proven capability in delivering innovative design solutions in the following areas.

    • Urban planning
    • Green infrastructure
    • WSUD
    • Furniture design
    • Land and vegetation management
    • Landscape design
  • Sustainability

    Ecologically Sustainable Development

    • ESD principles are embedded in all GbLA projects
    • Social: Our spaces are designed for community use. On greenfield sites our designs are adaptable for use by a wide range of age groups and can evolve with the community. For our urban renewal projects we often work with a variety of leading allied design professionals to achieve specific and innovative high quality social and environmental design solutions within the private and public realm.
    • A core focus of our work. Preserve existing elements and features, protect sensitive vegetation and habitat and historic features, recycle materials on site, use robust, long-lasting sustainably sourced materials
    • Design landscapes that are long-lasting and adaptable within available project budgets. Provide landscapes that are cost-effective to maintain with minimum irrigation requirements beyond establishment

    Water Sensitive Urban Design

    • Our large-scale projects will include constructed wetlands, rehabilitated waterways, raingardens often using a range of solutions to create a site-wide integrated approach
    • Our smaller urban developments will feature water reuse for irrigation often combined with raingardens which will remove pollutants and nutrients from stormwater before releasing it into the urban drainage network

    Climate Change Resilience

    • Design robust landscapes that are resilient to and will continue to provide community amenity despite the impacts of climate change
    • Plant selection is based on robust species that can thrive through fluctuating high and low temperatures, and can survive well in water-constrained conditions
    • Hard landscaped elements carefully selected to limit any contribution to urban heat island effects


Directors Ashley Sheldrick and Simon Wade lead a team of experienced landscape architects with a diverse range of skills that complement the spectrum of projects undertaken within the practice.

Each project has a dedicated team that works from sketch concepts through to documentation and contract administration ensuring design consistency.

Awards & Recognition

  • UDIA 2018 Warralily, Armstrong Creek 'State Award for Environmental Excellence'
  • UDIA 2018 Warralily, Armstrong Creek 'State Award for Masterplanned Development'
  • AILA 2018 Mirambeena Park, Warralily, Armstrong Creek 'State Award for Play Spaces'
  • AILA 2017 Armstrong Creek Rejuvenation & Warralily Native Vegetation Conservation 'State Excellence Award for Land Management'
  • AILA 2014 Jacksons Hill 'National Award for Land Management'
  • Stormwater Victoria 2016 Warralily, Armstrong Creek Wetland and Creek System 'Excellence Award in Integrated Stormwater Design'
  • AILA 2013 Wanginu Park 'Land Management'
  • UDIA 2013 Marriott Waters 'State Award for Masterplanned Development'
  • UDIA 2009 Shearwater on the Island 'State Award for Water Sensitive Urban Design'
  • UDIA 2008 Cheltenham Green 'State Award for Urban Renewal Projects'
  • UDIA 2008 Lakeside Pakenham 'State Award for Masterplanned Development'
  • UDIA 2008 Yarra Village 'State Award for Medium Density Development''
  • Property Council of Australia 2008 Jacksons Hill 'Best Master Planned Community in Australia'
  • AILA 2006 Melaleuca Wetland 'National Commendation Award for Environment'
  • UDIA 2006 Mernda Villages 'State Award for Landscape Design'
  • UDIA 2006 Mernda Villages 'Water Sensitive Urban Design'
  • UDIA 2006 Koolamara Waters 'State Award for Residential Development'
  • UDIA 2006 The Hunt Club 'State Award for Environmental Excellence'
  • FIABCI 2006 Kensington Banks 'Prix Excellence Award for a Master Planned Community'
  • AILA 2005 Kensington Banks Estate 'Design Award'
  • AILA 2005 Melaleuca Wetland 'National Award for Environmental Excellence'
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