Carinya Village Park, Harpley

Carinya Village Park, Harpley

  • Client Lendlease Communities
  • Location Werribee, Victoria
  • Completed 2017
  • Services Landscape Planning
    Landscape Design & Documentation
    Contract Administration


Carinya Village Park at Harpley is a one hectare recreation reserve linking several shared pedestrian and cycling paths to the nearby creek corridor, local school and other open spaces within the precinct. A central green spine has been created through the park by framing the shared path with an avenue of large feature trees.

A junior and senior playground with a focus on nature play and water is located at the heart of the park. The playground features a forest grove, water play area, creek bed, sand pit, adventure play equipment and the integration of rocks and logs to provide informal play opportunities.

Plant species throughout the playground have been carefully selected to provide a variety of foliage colour and texture, seasonal fruits and flowers, fragrance and robustness to withstand play activities. The shelter and BBQ area feature large format picnic settings to encourage social gatherings. A basketball key and skate elements provide interest and play opportunities for older children, while the large open kick about space provides plenty of space for informal ball games.


Photography Andrew Lloyd

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