We provide a full scope of design and delivery services and have experience coordinating sub consultants to provide a comprehensive design and administration capability.  We have proven experience leading consultant teams while also working as part of consultant teams to deliver co-ordinated multidisciplinary projects.  Our service capability includes:

  • Urban Planning
  • Landscape Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Sketch Design and DA Level Documentation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Urban Planning

    GbLA specialises in whole-of-site planning of large-scale developments such as residential estates, educational institutions and public places. We prepare master plans with a-systematic approach, incorporating traffic and pedestrian requirements, open spaces, waterways and community facilities – all underpinned by high-quality landscape-based design.

    GbLA have prepared urban plans for high-end boutique residential estates (up to 50 ha), mid size residential land parcels (50-200 ha), and thoroughly detailed urban plans for large-scale land tracts exceeding 700 ha.

    We apply rigorous site analysis and extensive knowledge of natural systems to all urban plans, tailoring the design response for each project to the individual site. Innovative landscape design elements are incorporated into a site master plan from a project’s inception, adding value to the site by enhancing its natural assets and resident opportunities.

  • Landscape Design

    GbLA has extensive experience in landscape design for residential and commercial developments and educational institutions, including passive and active open spaces, wetland and waterways systems and streetscapes.

    GbLA’s urban plans are underpinned by high-quality landscape design principles, enabling the successful design, documentation and contract management of innovative, site-responsive and integrated estate landscapes. Similarly, GbLA’s landscape designs use the natural systems within a site to create networks of open spaces and streetscapes with distinctive local character, providing for the recreational needs of residents and creating a strong sense of local community.

    GbLA provides specialist wetland and waterway consultancy services, including the development of constructed waterways and wetlands within residential developments – a significant element in the delivery of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) outcomes.

  • Wetlands, Waterways and Water Sensitive Urban Design

    In addition, the company is experienced in the assessment and rehabilitation of existing waterways for clients such as Melbourne Water  – ranging from discreet reaches of creekline to extensive waterways over large distances – and their integration into surrounding environs.

    GbLA’s approach to the planning and development of wetlands and waterways is driven by a comprehensive understanding of the existing natural assets of and the opportunities afforded by a site. Water quality, public amenity and safety outcomes are key considerations in all wetland projects, together with opportunities to enhance and expand local wildlife habitats.

    The company has proven experience in all aspects of the design and delivery of waterway projects, including detailed site assessments, landscape master planning, design, construction and tender documentation and contract administration.

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